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What is Threat Jammer?

Threat is a Data Enrichment API for developers, security engineers, and IT professionals to access high-quality threat intel data within their applications to detect and block malicious activity. Thanks to its community approach, users can enrich the platform with their data and take the quality of the data to the next level.

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Risk Score

We calculate and keep an up-to-date risk score for each resource. You just have to decide what to do, defining your custom threshold

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OSINT lists

Open Source Intelligence is a crucial ingredient of any threat intel strategy. We gather all sources into a single point of contact to categorize and rank them to obtain a risk score obtained using different techniques and algorithms.

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Our users can build their denylists connecting their honeypots, access control tools, proxies, and CDNs. If they want to share their datasets with other Threat Jammer users, they can do it!

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Data Enrichment API

Superpower your applications and services using our REST APIs. The backend services can support heavy loads with sub 100 milliseconds response times

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Private Datasets

Create, update and delete elements instantly in your private deny and allow lists. You can also upload and download them locally to import them into your IPS, Firewall, or WAF

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CSINT Datasets

We create custom datasets from Anonymous VPN and Proxy providers, Deep Web, and Hacker Forums. Don't deep dive into dangerous places to assemble quality intel feeds!

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From Big data to Good data. All engines working 24/7 to extract, analyze, and cherry-pick the data you need


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